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It's flat to the west of me and not as flat to the east. I'm about right dead on the dividing line between eastern and western Oklahoma. According to Google earth, there is a 500' elevation difference between me and Tulsa. TV Fool shows distance to be 76 miles, but Google Earth shows it more around 55-60 miles.

Oklahoma City is further away, at around 90 miles, but only a 100' elevation difference between there and me, with me being on the lower end.

I'm on the west end of this small town of 300, so to the east there are a few trees, but I think my antenna would get over most everything. To the north west is clear, with a few trees to the south west.

Bumping the height up barely helps the first few channels. I'm assuming a higher NM (db) is better, in which case 40' gets me about .1 better, with quite a few channels lower. Example is at 25' Fox is 4.1 NM (whatever that is) and at 40' it is 3.9. Bumping it up to 60' follows the same pattern.
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