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Well I have tried to get advice but I've spent all week waiting account activation on a couple of forums and another forum was pretty much dead.

I'm sending the 8200u back anyway. I have to prove my point to Amazon that when the product order page says get it Thursday, I expect it that week and not the next. Even if it's the antenna I need, is send it back and reorder it just to prove my point considering this is the 2nd order in a week this has happened.

I've gotten a recommendation for a winegard 7698p. Would that be a better antenna? According to my TV fool report and what I had read I assumed I would need vhf for any hope of channel 8. Maybe I was wrong on that?

My goal is simply to bring in as many channels as I can. I don't know enough about ota and the TV fool charts and 1edge or 2edge and whatever to know what I can or can't get or what I need to do to get them.
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