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Please help me choose my equipment

Hello. I'm looking into putting up an antenna for ota TV but my TV fool report doesn't look good.

I've played around with different heights and don't really see a change until 75ft where a couple of 2 edge signals turn to 1edge. I already have a 25ft pole so I'm going to try to stay with that.

I guess I'm looking for a really good deep fringe antenna. I ordered a winegard 8200u but I'm now wondering if there is something better for my situation. I estimate cable run to be around 35ft with only one TV.

The antenna pole is on the east side of my house and extend about 10ft over the top of my metal roof.

Any recommendations on antenna, whether or not I will probably need a pre amp, and anything else I might need to know would be appreciated. I plan on a good rotor at some point but ones good enough for the antenna size I will need in Oklahoma wind are a little more cash than I want to drop right now.
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