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Newbie needs some help

Hi there everyone,

Before I start lets get this part out of the way:

I would like to start receiving OTA High Def. TV to complement my Roku player. I don't mind how many channels I get, but I'm excited about getting HD reception OTA, I mostly want main affiliates NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CW and FOX.

I do have an old DirecTV dish on my house (on roof of 2nd story) that has two coaxial cables running from it, although I'm not sure where they end up. I ultimately want TV signals on 3 televisions in my house and don't mind one of those having an indoor wall mounted antenna. I was hoping to use the mount for the DirecTV dish (looks like a universal J pole) to hold an HD antenna. The dish was from a previous owner, I don't know the set up, or quality of coaxial cables.

Please help me decide what Antenna I need. I don't want an amplified antenna because I don't want a power running up there and I don't think I'll need one anyway. I would like to be able to buy the antenna from amazon.

I'm not sure how relevant this is but there are some nearby tree's in my garden south my house that are about 40 feet high.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you experts and finally being able to cut the cable TV millstone from around my neck

Best Regards

P.S. I really am new to this so feel free to ask any questions I may have forgotten to give info on

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