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I like the humor of the moderator. Those suggestions sound great to me!

As for FrankenBean, the government is free to do what they want. They control the RF frequencies from which broadcasters send their signal, the location of the towers, the height of those towers, the signal strength going out from each location, etc, etc.

The broadcast spectrum was allocated over a half a century ago to local affiliates around the country and continues to be governed by the FCC. In the same way that our federal government allocated those signals and licenses, they can also recall them if they so choose. So yes, it can go away. But who knows if/when that may happen.

Keep in mind, over the air broadcasting only refers to signals sent over the 'ground' such as PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, MyN, CW, Uni, Ion and some independent stations in each local area. (Have I left any out?) Since these local OTA stations are also fed via satellite now days for rebroadcasting through the cable or satellite companies, theoretically, these OTA 'ground' signals could go away in the future. Hopefully not because it would mean pay tv for everyone.

I think most people on this forum are perfectly happy with the status quo....if it can be maintained! Back to the moderator's suggestions, we need to find a way to get those antenna parties started

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