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Originally Posted by Pussyfoot View Post
Yes, I plan on splitting this to 3-4 TVs, so I'll need it. Considering all the channels I care about are transmitting from the same location (presumably) I guess I don't need a rotator. Is it a good idea to get one "just in case" or are they prone to failure?
You can always add one later. My understanding is that they are troublesome, and you need a TV that has the capability to manually add channels to the lineup. It's not realistic to rescan at each new heading.

My preference, if I was trying to acquire channels from multiple markets, would be to use separate antennas and tuners for each heading, all connected to a HTPC and the HTPC connected to the TVs by wireless. This eliminates moving parts and should be significantly more reliable. It should also eliminate the need for amplification and splitters, if the tuners can be located relatively close to the antennas.
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