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So you are saying I need to buy a channel 20 AC7 from Tinlee, to use to combine the separate antenna's?
AFAIK that is correct. Have ADTech check my analysis; he is pretty sharp, as is Tower Guy who is a TV station engineer.

You might attract their attention better on the Help With Reception thread if they haven't noticed you yet:

I have been experimenting with antennas since I was 8, when I built my first crystal set radio; I'm now 82. As a ham since the '50s, I've built many antennas. I have been helping posters on 4 forums with their reception problems for the past 7 years, and I'm still learning.

If your CH 20 CPF works, you can use a separate tuner for that single channel antenna system and feed the output into the A/V or HDMI input of the TV.
I doubt I could ever find a channel 20 Jointenna, as they are like finding a unicorn.
Indeed. That reminds me of a cartoon short, based on a James Thurber story, that I saw many years ago. The husband saw a unicorn and told his wife, who didn't believe him. She said "a unicorn is a mythical beast." Well, after several futile attempts of trying to convince her, he got pretty irritated. She secretly reported what he had told her. When the police and a doctor came, he didn't support her story and said to her "a unicorn is a mythical beast." They took her away.

And what's really weird is I just saw someone asking for a CH 20 Jointenna on the AVS thread I linked above. I said to myself, Is that MikeBear?

Each 0585 Jointenna was custom tuned for one channel in the UHF band. If you could find one for that section it might be retuned for CH 20 by someone with the test equipment and knowledge necessary. Someone like AntAltMike on the AVS thread.
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