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Wow, thanks for all the additional material!

Before I attempt the DIY Ch 6 antenna, I'll look into the noise issues you linked to. Very practical steps to take about choking noise. I'll start with my car, and then also I have an old boombox from the 80s that does AM/FM w/ rotary dial that I could try with as well.

The one thing that comes to mind is the chest freezer in the basement. It's actually next to where the coax lines deposit into my distribution closet. Either way, looks like some experimentation. I have two grounds, one to earth, one to the water pipe. Due to the ease of access, would it be sensible to ground to the water pipe where my panel is also grounded to, or should I just head straight for the earth ground?

The next step up in a DIY antenna for Ch 6 would be a 3 element beam using aluminum tubing or wire (use good insulators at the ends of the wires).
Since I've never gone this route yet, I am a bit ignorant here. If I understand correctly, if I'm using wire for the antenna, insulate the ends of all wires?

The other question with the antenna is, does wire/tubing thickness matter with the spacing? I have some 300 ohm twin lead ordered, so I would start there, but something tells me I'd have to move up to beefier materials if I end up this route.

There are some trees in the path, for sure. I am in the black hole as the Langley report shows. The satellite image is right in the ballpark of where I am.

Edit to add: I'll also experiment with turning off the FM trap on the RCA Preamp and attaching the Radio Shack FM Trap inline with the preamp to see if that makes a difference too. I noticed on one of your linked threads that the Radio Shack trap tends to work best for not attenuating Ch 6 too much.

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