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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Sounds like a defective electrical connection that is contracting enough (below 40F) to open the circuit.

Start by inspecting EVERY outdoor coax connection for a retracted "stinger" (center conductor). It's the most likely to shrink in length with temperature drops and pull back even further causing an open. If any stingers are shorter than the rim of the connector's nut, redo the connection with a new compression fitting and ensure the stinger extends just beyond the nut. If you bought inexpensive coax from a local retailer, inspect it for being "stretchy". I once helped a brother-in-law install a sat dish on a vacation cabin and, after spending two hours of up and down the ladder, we, found that the cheap white coax he'd bought at Walmart had allowed the shield to stretch causing the stinger to retract and not make connections.

Inspect all ground blocks, barrel connectors, and female F-connectors for stretched out contacts next.

After that, it gets harder.
I made sure I bought the highest quality cable to reduce loss as much as possible. All "stingers" are extended beyond the nut. Thanks for your input.
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