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As for maybe getting the Channel Master 3412, to clarify, by installing it after the power inserter, by power inserter do you mean the power supply for the Winegard LNA-200? And if so, would it be installed after the power supply and before the 2-way splitter? Or after both the power supply and 2- way splitter? Just a little confused about that part and thought I'd better get clarification.
It goes here:

Also, instead of the Channel Master 3412, I was looking at getting this one....
That would work, but keep in mind that a 4 output DA of either brand has less gain than a 2 output DA.

If you are going to feed 3 TVs and one coax line is much longer than the other two, you can do it like this:

The diagram shows using two passive splitters, but you can replace the first passive splitter with a 2 output Distribution Amp.
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