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Originally Posted by signals unlimited View Post
I have several installations using the Y5713 in area receiving real channel 6 quite well with even less signal than showing on your report for Channel 6. One of these installs is in Frackville. I would give it a shot, on the roof with a pre-amp.
Knowing how much further Frackville is, that is very impressive! Also compared to the CS600, the Y5713 is a few bucks cheaper.

So from what I'm gathering (Comparing this situation versus the Winegard HD7084P and Antennacraft HD1850 that would in theory cover all), I may just end up with two antennas on the roof. One for 6, and the other possible VHF channels on the fringe plus pre-amp. Another to cover the UHF bands, assuming there is something more affordable that will cover that range. $24 for an antenna is much more cost-effective than DIY at that price point.

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