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Help with reception

Just made a DIY 4-bay bow tie antenna. First attempt with coat hangers, able to pull in one channel from my attic (KYW-TV). Second attempt with aluminum foil reflector and coat hangers resulted in picking up WPHL and WCAU, albeit very spotty and not consistent. Third attempt with 8ga. copper wire instead of coat hangers plus reflector resulted in same three channels, with better signal strength, but still not consistent on WCAU. I don't get WPVI, but I figure that's to be expected since it's VHF-Lo.

Here's my TV Fool results:

So, I already know I'm in a bind with reception. I'd like to keep the antenna in the attic (wood based, 1930s home). Not willing to go to an roof mounted high gain antenna unless needed. Trying to keep costs down.

From what I've gathered so far, I want to avoid an amp as much as possible. I'll most likely need one when I get to do distribution in my house. Based on what the TV Fool report has given me and my layout, I'd most likely want to focus on the Philadelphia stations. Ideally, I'd like to get WXTF, but I know given my distance, it's going to be a very long shot.

Questions: Should I give up the 4-bay bowtie and try a gray hoverman, or can it and go straight to a yagi? Looking for some better antenna advice on getting consistent signal. Do the bow ties need to be EXACTLY aligned horizontally? How much difference would a few millimeters make? Would anyone suggest an amp based on the results? Any other advise to look into?


Edit, I'll get pictures up ASAP.
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