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Interesting. To get all those majors on the top of the list, what would you think of something simple like a ANT-751? Then try one of two scenarios.

#1 - aim it right at Ch 10, which will get you 38 & 51, plus it'd still pull those super strong signals from 36 & 40 on the back end.

#2 - flip it and aim it at 36, which I think would still get you all the above. Ch 10/38/51 could be a bit weak. But if they tune well, then you *might* be able to add some from 16, 12, 48, etc. Which may not be of value.

I can't say that would get you 34 & 44 very well since they're off on a perpendicular axis.

What did you have in mind with the two antennas you mention?
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