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Standard beginner hardware and pointing question

I'm investigating antenna options at my location. I've read through a number of recommendations, and I'm starting to pick up the logic behind the recommendations. When I try to apply the same logic to my transmitters, my brain locks up. Any opinions on this mess? I've got the tallest house on the highest lot in the county (50' higher than the rest of the local topography). Ill have about a 60' run. I've got no problem mounting a big antenna(s) above roof level. I don't have any absolute channel requirements, Id just like to pick up as many as I reasonably can. Id like to avoid switches or rotors, but I also know beggars cant be choosers.

I chose a 30' height to be safe. I can repost higher if it would help.

Edit: one splitter heading to (2) TVs is to be used.

Ive been looking at a DB4E / C5 ClearStream setup, but Ill keep my mind open on any suggestions. Thank you!


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