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While both suggestions have merit, I favor the DB4e option. Here are the specs, (fairly compact).

It's designed as a UHF antenna, but will still receive some signal from KQTV. It's able to receive across a fairly wide arc. (so you should be able to aim at the weaker UHF signals and still get enough signal from the side, ie. KNPN real CH-26) The DB4e has quite a bit of gain in the UHF range which you need.

Finally, if you find the need to add an amplifier, a single UVSJ can be expected to attenuate VHF signals fed into the UHF port by about 20 to 30 dB. In other words you would still have the option to add a UVSJ with the antenna connected to the UHF port and a resistor termination cap on the VHF port. The UHF signals would pass with almost no attenuation while the VHF signals would be reduced enough to prevent overloading a distribution amplifier. But..... try just the DB4e with no amplifier into one TV to verify you've got a good signal on the channels that matter to you. Then, if you need to split to more TVs, you'll know if you need to use a distribution amplifier or not.

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