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Welcome, quicksilvr:

You have a very unusual situation. KQTV, which is on real VHF channel 7, is extremely strong, which is why it is highlighted in red. It is strong enough to cause overload even without a preamp.

The rest of your channels of interest below it are all UHF channels.

I suggest a high gain UHF antenna aimed at about 163 degrees magnetic with its coax going to the UHF port of a UVSJ. This will pass the UHF signals with very little loss (about 0.5 dB) and attenuate the very strong KQTV signal. If the KQTV signal is attenuated too much for reception you could always add a simple VHF antenna for CH7 with an attenuator connected to the VHF port of the UVSJ.

An alternative with your present antenna would be 2 UVSJs, with the coax between the UHF ports direct, and the coax between the VHF ports having an attenuator.
                          / UHF > coax >  UVSJ UHF \
antenna > UVSJ 1 common >                            UVSJ 2 common > amp or TV
                          \ VHF > atten > UVSJ VHF /
The UHF loss would then be about 1 dB.

If you need a preamp for the weaker channels (like NBC), the UVSJ should be between the antenna and the preamp input.

Some of the other forum members might suggest a better solution.

What model is the AntennaCraft antenna, HBU22? If so, I'm not certain it has enough gain for consistent reception of your weakest UHF channels.
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