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Help with first OTA antenna installation

Hi, I'm glad I found this forum before I spent the money on an antenna that might not be the best for me. I've never used an ota antenna....the kids have been living off Netflix for the last 8 months. Football season however, it sparks me into action to try and get the major networks over the air. So here's to football season, 2012.

My TV Fool report:

I would like to get as many channels as possible, but really the major networks are my main interest. I will be mounting the antenna as high as possible on a pole attached to my chimney.

At first, I was drawn to the Lava 2605 and 2805, but the amount of plastic scares me, and several bad reviews. Right now, I have an AntennaCraft 70" 22-element antenna in my Amazon shopping cart, but wanted to wait to pull the trigger until I got a little feedback from the experts. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: when looking at my report, I see that my local channel 26 doesn't have a network associated with it. However, it IS now a FOX affiliate.

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