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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Uh-OH; you changed horses in midstream. I took you at your word when you said CTV was of primary importance. The 7694 was to be aimed SW for CTV and anything else in that direction.

If Toronto is back on your wanted list, then aim the 4228 at Toronto and add the VHF kit for CTV to see if it will work
Ah sorry Wasn't too clear on my wants, CTV is a definite but since it's so close I figured I should aim to get as much Toronto and others and grab CTV on a secondary

I just set it up inside the house and pointed towards Toronto and picked up 6 channels just by holding it on my lap and CTV came in with almost 80% signal:

13-1 (CTV)

I don't see 6-1 or -2 listed on my tvfool report, though it is Global and I'm pretty sure out of Toronto, so I'm sure if I get this up on top of the roof and with my amp I should do even better

Side q, where did you use to get the first image with the tower directions from my location?
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