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TV Antennas and Reception

Yes the new T-12 converter box looks like it will be a better box. . I am doing my best to find the most reliable converter boxes and the these boxes are supposed to have direct channel entry with out scanning first. What that means is you can select any digital channel even if there is nothing on that channel. Many converter boxes have to scan for the channels first. And many converter boxes do not allow a rescan to add new channels , it erases the ones that were scanned in before. So if you have Tv stations in different directions , the channels are scanned in one direction and then in the new direction it erases channels of the old direction. . Thats why stone cold direct channel entry is important. And add direct channel entry into memory is important. . The CM7000 is an exception , it will scan for channels and then can be scanned again and add more channels. . Here is a list of converters that have Direct Channel Entry , .

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