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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Ouch! Which system? My latest failure is the combining of two C4 Max's. Actually, you're right, I'm still looking for the ultimate solution. To be honest with you though I'm having fun and learning a ton. I'll probably write a thread, "What not to do" ,LOL !
Now it's my turn to say Oops! I meant no insult, Bob.

What I meant was that having two combo antennas aimed in opposite directions is a lot like having two UHF/VHF pairs aimed in opposite directions (not the C4MAXs). In both cases, you have the same combining problem.

I don't consider your experiments with two C4MAX antennas a failure; you learned a lot from it. I have been following your posts on HDF and have found them interesting (especially the SDR scans), but haven't been able to make any useful suggestions. You already have my thoughts about combining.
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