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Digital to Analogue Converter Boxes

The Magnavox TB110MW9 seems to be showing up in local Walmarts in Canada along with the RCA DTA800B, not B1. The Funai Magnavox it just looks like it might be refurbished. Cardboard boxes held together, top and bottom, with just a strip of clear tape. - I've read good and angry reviews over this box. - Some say it was DOA, some say it died within 9 months to 1 year, and some think it's Ok. I do plan to steer clear of it, as I hope there will become more available in the coming months in Western Canada (maybe some new ones that aren't already 3 years old) as our Aug 31, 2011 transition date draws near.

Anyone ever use the Tivax STB8/9 or the newer one?

I've heard the remotes are problematic.

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