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Digital Converter Box Reliability

I have a question to people who've purchased and used digital converter boxes: what brands and models have been poor and which have been pretty good and are still going stong with good pic and sound? Ones that you would recommend that might still be in production.

I've looked and read and there's good and bad reports for many. I have in my area: RCA DTA800B in the stores, $69.99, and also RCA DTA800 $59.99, and Magnavox 110MW9 $69.99, and there are a few Zinwell ZAT970A's at $89.99.

It woud be more expensive, but I'm thinking of ordering a Channel Master CM-7000. For me it'd be $69.99 + around $30 to $50 they said for shipping to Vancouver, BC. - It comes pretty close to half the price of a new digital tuner TV, and we're not getting those $40 coupons in Canada, like in the US.

I just don't want to have to buy another one in 8 to 18 months.

Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated.

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