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Good info, phone man! I like that forecast map. I'll have to play around again sometime when those conditions will be best.

I finally got the DB-2 properly mounted in the attic, just under the ridge vents, so I gained another 16 feet or so vs sitting on the attic floor. I'm amazed at how well it's picking up stations that are almost opposite of where it's pointed, especially with the reflector installed. I just didn't expect an attic install to do that well. Makes me wonder what it'd do sitting on the ridge itself, but I have neither the ladder nor the nerve to head up to that altitude!

I didn't realize that TV DXing was part of the DXing hobby. But I guess if there's a signal to be picked up, someone is going to try to tune it! Interesting googling some of the serious TV DXing that's going on.
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