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Hi Elmo, I don't seriously pursue TV DXing but I do enjoy the rare times when the atmosphere permits reception of normally unwatchable TV stations for my area. Here's a website that forecasts such atmospheric events...

To answer your question, the best DXing experience I've had involved a station that was 319 miles away. It only happened once and I've not seen it since. Other stations much closer at 90 miles and in the general direction my antenna is aimed come in more often. I leave them programmed on my tuner so a rescan isn't necessary to check for them. The ones that puzzle me are the stations that are 90 degrees to my antenna's aim. It's a blessing that I don't have (or need) an antenna rotator. I'd probably burn it up playing with it and scanning for new channels.
Here's a thread i started about a year ago when I first got into OTA TV reception and started logging the occasional DX TV stations.

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