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Smile TV DXing?!

To be brief, I picked up a TV station with relatively good signal that's 170 miles from me, w/o really trying!

Ok, so a little background. I had just setup a 2nd antenna at my new home; a DB-2 in the attic. I use it to tune one nearby station that's basically 180 degrees from the other two clusters that I pick up with my HD7694P that's mounted outside.
The DB-2, even temporarily propped against a stud easily works w/o really aiming it well. I chose the attic for it because it gave me the best location without mounting at the peak of the house. I was curious if my CM7777 would help to pick up some distant stations to the west of me. I connected it and was able to get some reception, but nothing really great. So I put the antenna back in place and went downstairs for the night, leaving the 7777 connected. This morning, while scanning channels on it with an HD Homerun, I locked an unknown station with decent and steady reception. I had to Google it, and when I mapped the transmitter location, it was 170 miles from me. Not only that, it was a heading towards sea level too. (see the attached screen shot that I got from The station is WWAY, transmitting at 1000 kw. The HDHR was showing about 70% signal strength and signal quality was about 60% at most, easily watchable w/few break ups.

I thought that was pretty cool. It was certainly unexpected. Of course, conditions have a lot to do with it too. There's a thick layer of clouds here this morning that I assume is helping it bounce. (Now the rain has started and that signal strength is now 40% at best, and nothing that can be seen.)

So what's the best you've done on TV DXing? (I don't know if that's the right term to use) If I could hit 170 miles by accident I'm sure there's some serious setups out there that can easily beat that.
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