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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
What your HOA is doing is a violation of FCC rules.

Installing Consumer-Owned Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule

You can fight them or give in to them; your choice.

Maybe if their board sees a copy of the FCC rules, they will reconsider their decision.

If you put up an outdoor antenna, they can't force you to take it down. The burden is on them to appeal to the FCC. If the FCC rules in their favor, then you must take it down.

One solution to make both parties happy is to install a window in that wall, as I think you have at the other end of the attic. Mount your antenna just inside that window, but don't use metal screen or low-E glass which block TV signals.
I believe this only applies to private areas, not shared spaces. The roof is generally classified as a shared space, but so was the attic in the condo that I owned some time ago.
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