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Originally Posted by deeciple View Post
Yes, Rabbit gave me a ton of great advice!

Unfortunately my HOA now prohibits visible antenna's and satellite dishes so the attic mount was my only option. Thankfully the storms that passed through the southeast over the past week or so are unusual. Most of the time it's pretty calm out here.

Thanks for the amp recommendation. I will have to look at that one.

I don't know if you know this but you are protected under an FCC rule that says that no HOA can prohibit you from putting up a rooftop antenna.

I've read several cases where tenants presented the ruling to the HOA and they had to capitulate.

I don't know where you'll find that information, probably on the FCC web page I'm sure.

Oops, rabbit beat me to it. I didn't realize there was another page to this thread. I missed his post right above mine.

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