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So today I added a Winegard AP8275 Preamp and my stations after scan went from 3 to 23 and was picking up the local 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13 and some others on UHF. I haven't added the rotor yet, as still looking. I'm almost there with working on this. I'm picking up a 10' BUD this weekend for free along with the receiver and everything else the guy has. He just got married and his wife doesn't like it. My wife doesn't care as long as she can get her Vietnamese channels and doesn't have to pay $80 to D***TV every month. I pick them up already on the 33" but have been looking for a C/Ku and this guy just happened to post the day before I looked on Craigslist again. Woohooo.
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