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Smile Eagle Aspen RotR100

I had been looking at this one too, as I had seen one on Ebay (new) for about the same price with free shipping. I'm going to raise my current mast up another 5 feet and then mount the antenna with a 1 foot section to the rotator. Still shopping for the rotator though. I've tried a lot of different simulations and I'm still getting most channels on the 1 or 2 edge with only a couple on LOS. Since I can't turn the antenna yet I haven't been able to try other directions and was checking out how it was reacting to the wind this afternoon. Blowing about 30 mph, so it was shivering a little in the wind, but not too terribly much so. I think I will put a couple of guide cables up near where the rotator will go to stabilize it a bit more especially from the direction of the wind, the current direction to the LA local transmitters puts it directly perpendicular to the wind, so it catchs it the full length from the side. I can brace it well enough though even when we get the 50-60 mph gust occasionally with heavy enough cable as I've used 1-1/2" EMT piping for my mast, not that flimsy stuff they sell for antenna mast around here.
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