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Thanks for the help. I'm in the process of getting rid of Directv and switching over to FTA Satellilte and OTA. FTA is up and dialed in for most of the satellites I have LOS to.

I can only raise the antenna another half a foot. The city ordinances limit the height of antenna's to 1" above the roofline, something to do with someone getting pissed off about HAM operator antenna and reception years ago. They also limit the number of dishes you can have although I exceed that already, but they aren't visible from the street so I'm ok. I was looking at a rotor motor already and thought I would need a heavy duty one because of the wind we have here daily (10-30 mph). Even stationary right now it shakes in the wind and I see I'm going to have to run some cable supports to stabilize it. I have 4 anchors brackets in the wall holding it, but when the wind reaches 50 mph I'll need the extra support for it. It was a bit of work putting it up by myself, but there was only a slight breeze that day so I got it done in about an hour.
I'll check out the links and see what else I might be able to do and let you guys know how it goes.
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