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Tv Reception

Wow you do have the correct antenna for the job. Read this about Digital Tv Channels . . Looking at the Digital Tv Channels you can receive now and in the future , look at the current data base and the pending applications included , you can receive Digital Tv Stations from these magnetic compass readings 75 , 108 , 158 , 321 , 324 . The Tv antenna is to big for a standard Tv rotor , you will need a rotor that amatuer radio operators use , these rotors have a brake that stops the antenna from moving when the wind is high. Standard Tv rotors have no brake and the plastic gears can be ruined. An other guy is looking in to heavy duty Tv rotors on this forum , he is looking at the ones at Norms Rotor Service . You are the kind of guy that likes to experment , so for now rotate the antenna by hand.. .. The antenna is a very big antenna and adds a lot of gain to the signal , so for now do not use a signal amplifier.

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