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San Diego: KABC-7 + KCAL-9 co-channel interference

I'm in 92116 with a Winegard HD7698P (40' with rotor) usually aimed at LA's Mt Wilson. Ninety percent of the time, LA stations (vf 2, 4, 5, 11, 13, 22, 30, 44, 52, and 63) come in fine; 50 percent for 24, 57, and 64); 50 percent also for KMPR-38 and occasionally KEYT-3 from Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, KABC-7 + KCAL-9 only available when local channels, KZTC-7 and KSDX-9, off air. Oddly, KTTV-11 comes through despite XHTJB sharing same vf, just as KOCE did back when it shared vf 50 with KSDY before channel reshuffling. I surmise that rf UHF channels have greater flexibility to share vchannels than VHF. Needless to say, Mt Woodson, San Miguel, Soledad, Tecate, and Tijuana signals all received 100 percent depending on antenna orientation.
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