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Forum needs help.

Originally Posted by videobruce View Post
It's not a software issue, there isn't anything really wrong with what they have now. New isn't better.
Just who owns this? Someone is paying the bills, this doesn't run for free. It just needs housecleaning a bit. Situations like this kill forums.

It's not that there isn't interest in this forum. Look at the 'views' count for this thread in a week or so.
The Forum software may not be the main problem here, but dammit, why is it so hard to upload a photo here? Attachment procedure is painful here. It needs to be modernized.

I am a member of the Snap-on beta test group and we use the exact same forum template software and you can upload 10 photos at one time without any special copy and paste BS. You just pick 10 photos and upload them. It doesn't automatically resize the photos though. So, if the photo is larger than 1024 x 1024 it will not upload. So then you have to resize them. Then attaching them isn't all that easy either but it works. But let's face it even the cheapest cell phone taken photos larger than 1024 x 1024. I use a program called photo resizer on my phone.

That's why you don't see a lot of post with photos. Nobody wants to go through the trouble.

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