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Ok guys. I first want to preface this with a big thanks for all the guys know what you are talking about for sure.

I had purchased the Stellar Labs 30-2475 and the RCA TVPRAMP1Z for amazon to try.

First it did not work in my attic at all ...nothing.. Placing it outside in my driveway about a foot from the house and on a box (with a 15ft cable) to my little TV it got 7, 11, 13 VHF. 13 was the weakest and required a little more placement. I also tried it on my deck near the edge furthest from the house and it got those stations. (It pulled in 63 (18) the first one on the list but that is not a major channel).

I tried through the cable runs to TVs in the house by using a coupler.. This reduced the signal and it lost all but 7. was clear it needed to be amplified. The RCA combiner/amp I purchased though did not help/work.. checking the voltage on it it was 9V instead of 12V like many of the amazon reviews said (I got a dud). So i do not know if amplifying it will make up for my cable runs in the house.. Im going to say if I were to mount it... it could be 50ft to the main lower level TV.

//tangent experiment//
I called the DISH people and the guy came out and tried the Televes Diginova MIX (one with the VHF dipoles). It did not do as well as the Stellar Labs..really nothing at all unless I held it up on the far edge of the driveway. Then it got 7,11,13.. but that would never make it through the house did not meet the techs minimum signal level. so a refund for my trouble. There is something to be said for 12db of pure signal amplification from the Stellar Labs vs 30db of amplification of the tiny Televes (amplifies nothing/noise).
///end tangent experiment//

So I dont know what I should do... try the Juice Amp and see if the signal can make it through the house cabling? if that works think of mounting it on the side of the house by the driveway? No idea on UHF yet (except it will make for a large antenna combo on side of the house..). Ideal antenna ascetically would be the Stellar Labs with UHF combined in it.

Again ...thanks so much for the expert guys really know what you're talking about here.

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