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Thanks for a thorough reply, GroundUrMast! I appreciate you taking the time to address this issue. And please accept my apologies, if you thought my previous post was out of place with new member John's thread. That was not my intention as I mentioned.

I'm rereading this entire thread again along with your above reply (several times now), so I can try to understand as clearly as possible this important issue better. I'll probably have more questions to ask you later as I think about this, so please be patient with my non tech background. But I think I have a grasp upon what you have written. We'll see, right?

Presently, I'm just glad you didn't turn into "Frankenstein" after the shock you received at the dentists office. Honestly, I don't know what people are thinking about when they try to "fix" such electrical issues as you mentioned. Obviously, they weren't thinking at all! I'm not a tech or electrician, but I've replaced enough outlets and such to know what not to do. And I have basic book sources to help me with related issues. And when an issue is out of my league, I call an electrician or other professional for proper help.

Anyway, I'm just trying to say that this grounding issue is too important to get into arguments over as one poster above obviously was. After some more rereading, I'll ask my questions and again, appreciate your very kind help and expertise, GroundUrMast.

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