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Apologies about no one chiming in on your post. Let's see if we can dial your situation in.

Generally, the Amazon basics antenna is not ideal. If you have the amplified version, it is even less ideal. The problem with this type of design is that one, it's primarily UHF. You have VHF signals in your market, thus making this antenna inappropriate. Second, the Amazon Basics compensates for its lack of gain by amplifying the signals it receives. Normally, a traditional TV aerial uses gain to gather the signal as much as possible. This is done via elements and the antenna itself. The Amazon Basics has no gain so therefore it "cheats" to make the signal stronger electronically. The result is that you are amplifying a weak signal that is marginal. The result is you have plenty of signal in the coax but you are amplifying a crappy signal, thus the signal still breaks up.

In short, toss (or return) the Amazon Basics. Further, indoor or attic antennas are something that generally aren't favored. Television signals work best when you aren't asking them to go through walls and overcome household electrical interference. Good clean signal reception starts at an antenna that is outside and has a line of sight to the transmitters you want to receive. From there, getting that clean signal indoors is your goal.

Now that I've picked on the Amazon Basics, the good news is that your reception plot is fantastic. You have plenty of excellent signal available for your local affiliates.

If I were you with this report, I would purchase an Antennacraft HBU11k. This is a smaller footprint antenna that comes with a J-Pole style mount similiar to the type that you see satellite dishes on. Mount on the side of your home, eave or roof to where the antenna has a clear shot to the WSW (magnetic 260). With your level of signal, this antenna ought to be more than enough for you. If WGGB is a goal, play around with your aiming. Orientate closer to the N to see if you can find a sweet spot that all signals come in at. I recommended magnetic 260 as to split your strong signals. (Splitting is when you 'split the distance' between two towers of different headings)

How many TVs do you want to feed?


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