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Antenna Help Near Hartford Connecticut

Hi folks,

Here is my TV fool report:

Here is a rundown of the channels I have success and issues with (it's a screenshot of a spreadsheet): or if that doesn't work,

My TV is located in our family room against a wall which is shared with our garage. The antenna is mounted on the wall of the garage about 7 feet off the ground. I am currently using an AmazonBasics 50-mile ultra-thin antenna. It comes with a built-in powered amplifier, which helps. (Previously used an Amazon Basics 35-mile unamplified ultra-thin antenna but I had reception problems.) Anyway, the flat sides of the antenna face generally north and south.

The wiring is simply the antenna's built-in coax to a wall plate connector, and then from the wall plate connector to the TV. The wall plate and coax from wall plate to the TV were provided by my old cable company about two years ago (the brand of the cable and plate is "brightwire", the cable is labeled 9900963... but in any case that run is only about 3 feet of cable.)

I could theoretically mount the antenna in my garage's attic which could be perhaps 9 to 10 feet off the ground.

A note about my house... it's a split level with the front door and garage doors facing approximately north. The garage is on the east side of the house. From the TV Fool plot, it appears as though most of the relevant channels are coming from the west. This means that signals will have to pass through all of the house before making it to the garage. Even the garage's attic is blocked by the rest of the house. Unfortunately, due to the layout of the house, I don't have access to any other attic space aside from the garage, and a roof-mounted antenna is out of the question if I want to keep the wifey happy (which I do).

I'm open either to alternate ways to mount my antenna OR a better antenna so that I get the best signal possible for the channels that are important to me.

Many thanks,
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