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At the extreme edge of reception...

We're living in Estes Park, Colorado, about 55 miles (and several mountain ridges) from Denver, the nearest source of most TV digital programming.

We've tried putting up our old amplified Phillips SDV2940/27 external antenna (18dB UHF gain, 4dB noise figure, 20 mile recommended range) but, of course, it couldn't "cut the mustard."

Next, we purchased (and returned) a Antennas Direct Clearstream C2-V un-amplified external antenna (10.4dBi UHF gain, 3.1dBi VHF gain, 50+mile range) but it, too, failed to pull in any stations.

We were about to try a Terk amplified external antenna when I stumbled upon your website and ran a TV Signal Analysis of our location:

From this it is obvious why were are literally "on the fringe" as far as TV reception goes!

Are there any solutions short of getting a satellite dish, etc?

We are living in an apartment (which, by the way, faces SE towards Denver) so we will obviously face some restrictions as to height and size of antennas we could put up.

Any suggestions you can provide would be most welcome!

Kirk Beidleman
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