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Tv Reception.

A Teleview Recommendation.

Channel Branding is interesting.

During the time of the main part of the digital transition here in the USA , June 2009.

On another forum , the discussion was , ABC channel 13 , the Tv station changed the channel of transmission to UHF 15 and also changed the virtual number to 15.

Several people on the the forum could not grasp the idea and fact that it was and is the same ABC , the same news anchors , the same weather person , the same sports person.

Because the number 13 was not on the Tv screen for them to look at , then it was Not Their ABC.

The virtual number is what you see on your Tv screen and that virtual number may or may not be the REAL channel that is being transmitted.


On a hopeful note , it looks like Canada is moving towards having the REAL channel and the virtual number the same.

So if the Real channel is UHF 35 then the virtual number is 35.

And the people have to get used to the fact that the CBC is still the CBC even if they do not see the old number of 6.


It does not look like the USA will be moving to have the REAL channel and virtual channel numbers the same any time soon.
A few stations have done it , but the majority have not and does not look like they will.

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