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WKRC, CBS 12 Cincy is the only major VHF station in your area.
I agree with Rabbit that so called "omni" antennas work poorly in all directions.
You are much too far away for reliable reception.
Here is what I would do:
From Lowes: I get two Televes V-Zenit antennas, model 149381.
Decide which set(s) which will receive Dayton. Yes, the antenna
is both VHF and UHF but it is a good antenna and a great buy.
Connect that Dayton antenna directly to the set(s) you want.

A second Televes V-Zenit antenna model 149381 aimed at
Cincy and connected to the Televes T-Force Dual input Preamp,
model 560483. The third antenna at DAT BOSS LR UHF only
antenna aimed at Columbus also connected to the T-Force
Dual input Preamp. This preamp is the only one I am aware
of where you can connect different antennas aimed in different
directions without the usual cancellation and other issues.
I cannot think of any less expensive, viable solution.....
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