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Single or dual antennas?

We have an older yagi antenna with 36 elements on a 25 ft / 7.6 m) mast. Even with about half of them missing, we can still pull in signals from Cincinnati (40 mi / 60 km @ 240deg) and Dayton (30 mi / 45 km @ 285 deg). We can get a couple UHF channels from Columbus (62 mi / 100 km @ 40 deg). (Distances are AIR distance, degrees are compass headings.) The signal is going through a Channel Master Ultra Mini 4 (CM-3414) amplifier/distributor to three televisions.
Obviously, we need to replace the outdoor antenna. Note: a special "Digital / HDTV is not needed as the antenna doesn't care how the electromagnetic signal is formatted. Here's our question. Would we be better replacing the antenna with another yagi or two or with an omnidirectional antenna?
Thank you.
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