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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
I can guarantee you that you are not receiving two separate broadcasts that are both transmitting on channel 2. The co-channel interference would make reception impossible.
Sorry for my ambiguous communication. I know I'm receiving only one of these stations, but the one that declares itself to be the one I'm receiving is waaaay too far away to be believed. Both stations encode their call signs in the broadcast signal (it's presented on-screen alongside the virtual channel number).

Translators operate as a 100% pass-thru service of the original programming. The only exceptions I know of are that the virtual channel might change and that each translator is required by regulation to provide a "station ID" for that transmitter, generally twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon, either by Morse code or a visual or audio announcement. Other than those IDs, the transmitted content would be an exact copy of the originating station's content.
The station ID I'm referring to is the one that is encoded in the signal -- not an on-screen video. My TV presents it alongside the virtual channel #...and that's where the question started: have people experienced situations where that station ID is wrong?

{QUOTE]BTW, the operator is easily reachable, he's a regular over at AVSforum under the screen name of "kkpm" and usually posts in the San Francisco and the forums for neighboring DMAs where he has a presence.[/QUOTE]
OOOOOOOOOh, thanks for this pointer. I had no idea how to contact them.
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