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I can guarantee you that you are not receiving two separate broadcasts that are both transmitting on channel 2. The co-channel interference would make reception impossible.

It sounds like you're north of San Francisco and, most likely, are receiving signals from the KKPM (One Ministries) network. They operate a network of translators and low-power stations (operating as translators). Click here for a map of their network:

Translators operate as a 100% pass-thru service of the original programming. The only exceptions I know of are that the virtual channel might change and that each translator is required by regulation to provide a "station ID" for that transmitter, generally twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon, either by Morse code or a visual or audio announcement. Other than those IDs, the transmitted content would be an exact copy of the originating station's content.

BTW, the operator is easily reachable, he's a regular over at AVSforum under the screen name of "kkpm" and usually posts in the San Francisco and the forums for neighboring DMAs where he has a presence.
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