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However, with a 14 foot boom, by all observation it would appear to overcome that compromise.
You're basically taking a 7' UHF antenna and placing it on the end of a 7+' VHF antenna. The length that comprises only the VHF antenna section is irrelevant for the UHF antenna section. Note that some of the UHF section does double duty by including VHF elements, otherwise the VHF section would approach 8-10' in length.

Adding a high-V antenna to the 91XG would be your best bet for the VHF stations.

I find it's helpful to think in real estate terms for a rough analogy. A 2000 sq ft ranch has the same square footage as a two-story house with 1000 sq ft on each floor. One big floor vs two smaller floors vertically stacked, about the same square footage.
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