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Originally Posted by wundrmom45 View Post
I am tired of my $150 cable bill. Can I get decent reception on my local stations for free??
Yes, it looks like you have access to plenty of TV stations broadcasting from Mt. Wilson. It's not exactly free (you need an antenna), but this one time cost is surely better than the cumulative recurring cost of pay TV (~$1800 per year?). You won't get the pay-only channels like ESPN, HBO, Discovery, etc., but all the major networks are there (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, CW, MyNetworkTV, ION) as well as several foreign language and shopping channels.

For your situation, I'd recommend an Antennacraft HBU-22 in your attic or on the roof, pointed at Mt. Wilson (compass heading 284 degrees). It should be pretty easy for you to pick up just about all the channels in green on your list. You are lucky in the fact that you have so many stations coming in very strong and from just one direction.
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