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Originally Posted by h20rat View Post
I am thinking about an attic installation since we do get alot of high winds and of course, lightning. Do you think the HD7695P and a CM-7777 would be good or should I consider going up a level?
An attic install will probably work. There are a greater number of variables since every attic is different. The construction type, presence of metallic objects (e.g., foil-backed insulation, ducts, metal bracing, wire mesh/stucco, etc.), and roofing material can all impact performance, so the degree of signal loss/degradation is unknown until you try it.

Most attics have only mild losses, so there's a good chance that going up one antenna size (to an HD7696P) is enough to make up for the difference in signal strength. My guess is that the HD7696P + 7777 will work great. The HD7695P might also work, but I'd feel more comfortable with the extra margin for error that the HD7696P offers.
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