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Originally Posted by mtrobin1 View Post
I have a 24 ft rooftop antenna, w/ pre-amp and rotor.
I was receiving all local channels until I split to two tv's then channel 38 WPNE dropped off both TV's. All other channels are received.
If all the other stations are coming in fine, there is always the possibility that there is a problem on the transmitter side for WPNE. A split does reduce the amount of signal power going down each branch of the split, but it seems unlikely that it would cause just this one channel to drop out if it was working before.

One thing I do notice is that your signals are very strong. What make/model of antenna and pre-amp do you have? These signal levels are high enough to cause concern for amp overload. If you amp is receiving too much power at its input, it will go into an overload condition that causes signal distortion at its output (there's no permanent damage to the amp, but a distorted output might not be decodable by your receiver).

If too much signal is contributing to your problem, you can try using your rotator to aim a little away from the nearby transmitters. By intentionally being off-aim, you might be able to move the sensitive area of your antenna away from all the radiated power and end up letting less signal get through to the amp. If the signal becomes usable again when you lower the signal strengths, then it's an indication that your amp was in or near its overload limit.

I take it that you need the amp to pick up the more distant stations like WWAZ, WWRS, and WSAW?

If all you need are the close-in stations (all in "green" on your list), then your probably don't need an amp at all. For the very strong stations, the amp may be making things worse rather than better.
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