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Originally Posted by WaaCC View Post
If I put the YA-1713 up there on the same pole, how much seperation do I need between the two?
Keep at least about 4 feet between the two.

Which would be better on top?
Most people put the UHF antenna on top. UHF is more sensitive to line-of-sight access to the signals. If there are no local obstructions, then the difference is negligible, but just in case there is something partially in the way, the UHF antenna has a better chance of benefiting from height.

The bottom one may be getting close to the height of the roof peak. Do you think a single Winegard HD7696 would do the job?
Sure. One combo antenna can be used instead of separate UHF / VHF antennas. The only reason I suggested adding a VHF antenna is because I think a YA-1713 plus UVSJ is probably cheaper than a HD7696P. The VHF performance of either antenna is better than the 4228, so either solution should work.

If you have a 10 foot mast on your roof, it's about the right length to hold two antennas if you opt for the separate antenna solution. If you have the YA-1713 about 4 feet above the roof and then the 4228 another 4 feet above that, you can probably just barely fit both of them on the same mast.

Maybe it would be too directional to pick up both tower locations?
No. I don't think so. The closer stations are so strong that they will make it through almost any antenna. If you are getting the north-east stations through the side of the 4228, you will also be able to get them through the side of an HD7696P.
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