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Antenna selection help

Replaced roof shingles, so while at it decided to replace large old antenna (15+ yrs old, bent stubs, about 10' long).

From antennaweb it seemed like I could get away with something smaller. So here's my setup:
CM 4228 HD roof mounted on 10' pole (30-40' total height)
60' Belden 1994a cable with canare connectors (bluejeanscable)
CM 3418 Distribution Amp in attic
6x live drops ~20-30' each to TVs and tuner cards.
2x spare drops ~20-30' for additional TVs. Terminated with 75 ohm.

The antenna is aimed at the tower at 303 degrees. All the channels I'm interested in are in the green zone, but one set of stations is near 303 degrees and the other at 25-28 degrees.

Daytime reception is good but evenings and specially when it rains I start to get a lot of video blocking on RF 7 & 12, less so on RF 38 & 44.

What do you suggest?
1) Get rid of the distribution amp?
2) Aim the antenna 1/2 between 25 & 303 degrees?
3) Aim the antenna at 25 and add a second antenna (HD7694) pointed at 303?
4) Replace the antenna with a coathanger or other antenna?

The old antenna didn't have dropouts on stations in the 303 direction, but sometimes couldn't pick up the 25 direction.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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