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Folded Dipole Questions

Hi all,

I made a folded dipole antenna tuned for VHF CH#7. The first day I set it up, it had one wire on top and one on the bottom. It worked just fine.

I moved some stuff around and re-cabled my living room the next weekend. And with the antenna in the same spot and same orientation, I had no signal.

Tonight, I decided to move it around a bit. While I was moving it, it fell off the side of the shelf into a "top wire at the front ; bottom wire at back" orientation. Bam! I had signal.

On top of all this, I get the best signal with the long side of the antenna at about 90-degrees. The station is about 110 degrees. If I aim the antenna perpendicular to the station direction, I get no signal.

I'm planning on modding the antenna even further into a Yagi (or maybe stacked dipoles) to get the best possible signal from this station. But I need some help understanding what I'm seeing with the orientation.

Any tips?

WMUM-TV (real ch# 7) at 111 degrees magnetic.
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